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Suzanne J. Rogers is a designer, writer and photographer.

Suzanne’s photography has been published by the National Wildlife Federation, Woman’s World online and an image from her bird photography catalog was voted Top Shot of the Day on the National Geographic website.

Her books can be found and ordered from this website. Just click on a book image and you’ll be redirected to the Amazon page that applies.




A long line of creative ancestors from her mother’s side of the family, passed along the ability and desire to express oneself through Art. Her mother is blessed with the ability to excel at oil-painting, sketching just about anything, making exquisite purses with beaded embellishments and the list goes on and on.

For Suzanne that creativity takes many forms also and perhaps the first outlet for expression manifested itself in the “embellishment” of her Barbie dolls. Cutting their hair off and using a blue ballpoint pen to add ultra-long eyelashes just may have been an indicator of her penchant for exaggerated style.

Fast forward to motherhood and the writing of silly poems. Laughter and humor help smooth out a lot of bumps in the road when everyone is growing up.

Children raised and following their own paths, Suzanne picked up her camera and set about capturing the beauty of the wildlife that visited the five partially wooded acres she lives on. Moved to write a book about a mother deer who was a regular visitor, she selected photos and got busy writing what would become her first book..My Mother Can Do Anything!  Followed up by “Being Bob”, the story of a horse, these books were stories of love, determination and acceptance.

After a series of dreams about shoes, of all things, she started to wonder if the universe was trying to tell her something…nudged along by her youngest son, she began work on her first murder mystery, chick-lit book…of course there’s murder, mayhem and LOTS of laughter! And so…”Stiletto” was born.

Every book needs a cover and Suzanne embellished a gorgeous red pair of stilettos with rhinestones. Photographing the shoes and designing the cover, she self-published and the book now has a fan following! After many questions about the characters, the love interest especially…”is he based on a real person”,( yes he is), would there be another book…the second book of the London Hart series is nearing completion.



A retail shop in Venice Florida, The Island Gift Nook, sells Stiletto and for a time one of the stiletto’s that was the prototype for the cover, (see above), was displayed with the book. Situations ensued. The saleswomen would find women trying the shoe on and then asking if it was for sale. Unfortunately the answer had to be no…it was for display only. A few women were ADAMANT…they were GOING to buy that shoe. The saleswomen prevailed. After notifying Suzanne of the situation, the decision was made to sell stilettos that had been designed and used  for a calendar already, so not long after, the stilettos were for sale in the shop and they proceeded to sell out!

After having to say, “No, I don’t have a website you can order stilettos on,” Suzanne slowed down long enough to take the time to develop this website…

So here they are!

May you find the shoe…that expresses YOU!




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